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Giants are here to take over the metaverse

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Who are The Giants?

We are a village-like community for
tech-driven creators, builders, and enthusiasts.

We started Giants with a collection of 10,000 NFTs, unique digital collectibles living on the MultiversX blockchain. Each Giant doubles as a membership card and grants access to members-only benefits like passive income, airdrops, priority access, or opportunities to earn. Benefits will increase over time with every new product or partnership.

The giants are small, but they have strong personalities and big dreams. According to their vision of making the world a better place, they want to build a village to call home. Giants may have different opinions, ideas, and skills, but they understand that every puzzle piece is vital.

To avoid scams, make sure the NFT belongs to the collection GIANTS-93cadd.

Our Team

We are a core team of 4 based in Romania 🇷🇴, powered by an operations team and a wonderful community of Giant owners. Our objective is to create community-owned tech products that have a real utility and contribute to building a better world.

Razvan Statescu
Razvan Statescu
Blockchain Developer
Andrei Stoica
Andrei Stoica
Partnerships & Contracts
Vlad Stoica
Vlad Stoica
Digital Artist
Emilia Negoescu
Emilia Negoescu
Digital Artist
Nadia Balan
Nadia Balan
Community Manager
Vlad Drinceanu
Vlad Drinceanu
Blockchain Developer

Made by us

The easy way to show off your NFTs.

By setting up a MyERD page, it's very easy to share your NFTs, the NFTs you have for sale on marketplaces, and your Twitter page so people can reach you.

This is just the beginning, the beta version. In the future, it will be way easier to contact someone that has a MyERD page and propose an offer. Or follow a specific NFT to see when it is for sale. Or see all the NFTs a user has. Or personalize your profile with your own profile picture, banner, and even colors. And a lot more, MyERD can become huge! 🚀

Join MyERD

Print your NFT directly from your wallet

Connect your wallet to list your NFTs so you can pick one that you want to transfer on a physical object of your choice.

Pick the NFT you like the most. No need to download or anything. We’ll grab it directly from your wallet.

Select your t-shirt, canvas or anything you want to print the NFT on and check out with your wallet while paying with crypto.

Check web3print

The Giants Raffle

Every week you'll be able to buy tickets both with eGLD & $GIANT. At the end of the raffle, one or multiple winners will be selected to win the prize 🎁.

You can buy as many tickets as you want with eGLD. For $GIANT, there are different tiers that you can see if you connect your wallet, based on the number of Giants NFTs you own. The tiers were introduced to make it a fair game for new people.

Join the raffle

Giants Village


Community building

We plan to create the biggest community on the MultiversX Network called the Giants Village. With the use of technology, we will bring people together from all over the world to help each other, share knowledge and build great projects. We are stronger together.

Giants Token

Giants Economics

We all work together to build the Giants Village, so everyone should own a part of it. We'll create a token you can earn by getting involved in the community and through the projects we make. Once you have it, you'll be able to spend it inside the community & metaverse, trade it on exchanges, or vote once a DAO structure is in place.

Giants Token

Build a better world

Even though we’re working on creating a metaverse, we still live most of our life in the physical world. Inspired by MultiversX's green vision, we’ll join forces to create projects that will help the planet and the society we live in.

Giants Token

Take over the metaverse

We need a space to connect and interact, like in an actual village. The metaverse will bring together people from all over the world and allow us to create incredible things together. Imagine building a house in the metaverse that will accommodate a homeless person in the real world. We'll give purpose to the metaverse.

Roadmap & Achievements

Q1 2022 Kick-off the Giants Village

We plan to create the biggest community on the MultiversX Network called the Giants Village.

Q4 2022 Giants Village is just around the corner

Starting the decentralization process of the Giants Village

  • 🟢 Launch the Giants DAO - use your $GIANT tokens to decide our next steps
  • ⚪️ Implement the Identity service that will handle user data in the Giants Village Game
  • ⚪️ Create a simple non-custodial auth service that will be used in the Giants Village Game
  • ⚪️ Giants Village Game design
  • ⚪️ Giants Village Game development
  • ⚪️ Add more products to our Merch Shop and web3print
Q1 2023 Giants Village Game testing
  • ⚪️ Giants Village Game development
  • ⚪️ Owners Dashboard
  • ⚪️ Collection Dashboard
  • ⚪️ Giants Village Game Testing on Devnet
Q2 2023 Giants Village Game early access
  • ⚪️ Giants Village Game early Mainnet access
  • ⚪️ Start Giants Village Game Governance
Q3 2023 Giants Village Game official release
  • ⚪️ First version of the Giants Village Game Mainnet official release

After the collection is sold out

We'll plant a tree for every Giant that we sell.

For helping this initiative, you'll get a special place in the Village. We'll airdrop you a very important "Plant a tree" NFT that will get you different benefits for holding it long term. Also, all your friends and community members will know your contribution to our planet.

In partnership with
Plantam Fapte une NGO

Start a Validator Node

Both to support the MultiversX Network and our community, we will be launching a Validator Node. The income generated by the validator node will be distributed regularly between the Reserve and the the Giants Treasury. This will allow us to establish another source of passive income that will contribute to the expansion of the Giants Village 🏡.


Who are the Giants?

Giants are 10.000 unique NFTs living on the MultiversX network. They will create the strongest community on MultiversX that will bridge the gap between the metaverse and the real-world, in order to archive great things.

How can I buy a Giant?

You can mint Giants from our website or buy them from marketplaces.

How much does a Giant cost?

To mint a Giant, you will need 0.6 eGLD.

What are the perks of getting a Giant?

As a Giant Holder you'll be part of the strongest community on the MultiversX Network. Gain Giants Token that you'll be able to spend inside the community, trade on exchanges or use to vote in the DAO. Once we'll go into the Metaverse, you'll be able to take your Giant into another world, play, support our initiatives, and earn tokens. Also, your Giant will increase in value everyday and give you access to exclusive giveaways, auctions and special benefits from our partners.

Does it count how many Giants I hold?

Yes! All the benefits we'll offer, the giveaways, the airdrops, etc will be per NFT, not per wallet. So if you got more NFTs, you get more rewards/benefits.

What is the Giants Treasury?

The Treasury will start to be controlled by the community once a DAO structure will be in place. Until then, rewards will be accumulated and used only on special occasions if decided together with the community.

What is the Giants Reserve?

The Reserve is the project wallet used for development, marketing, etc.

Where can I trade Giants?

You can trade Giants on Dead Rare, xoxno, Frame It, Isengard. Make sure the NFT belongs to the collection GIANTS-93cadd.

How can I check my Giant's rarity?

You can use our official rarity tool.